Well. Let’s come to the comparison. In Isaiah 35:8-9, it is the way that is holy and not the road. In Judges 17:1-5, it is question of gods, that is to say idols, and not the Almighty God. Read up to Judges 18:23-24 where Louis Segond acknowledges that it is question of « gods » that is to say idols. In Exodus 32:4, Louis Segond acknowledges that a golden calf is a god and in 1 Kings 12:28, Louis Segond writes « God » with “G” in capital letter while it is question of golden calves.

9. In Ezekiel 2:1; Ezekiel 3:1 and in Ezekiel 4:1… It is question of « son of man », that is to say Prophet not « The son of man » which refers to Jesus Christ, the Supreme Prophet as in Matthew 16:13. Also, in Ezekiel 3:12 and 14 as in Revelation 14:13, it is question of the Spirit of God and therefore capital « S » like in Ezekiel 8:3.

10. I continue. In Genesis 1:2; in 1 Samuel 16:4; in Isaiah 61:1 … The letter « S » must be in capital letter when it is question of the Almighty God. Yet, the real reason why Louis Segond writes « the [s]pirit » of God with small « s » is that, for him, there is a good spirit of God and an evil spirit of God. I do not believe in that doctrine. And that is revealed in 1 Samuel 18:10. Louis Segond says: « … the evil spirit of God came upon Saul. » while Darby says: « … an evil spirit from Jehovah was upon Saul. ». Louis Segond says: “the evil spirit of God…” whereas Darby says: “an evil spirit from God…”. It is not the same thing. It is the same with 1 Samuel 19:9.
11. In Matthew 24:24, « C » of false christs must be in small letter because it is not the true Holy Spirit but spirits of divination that would act as holy spirit. So, it must be written « false christs » with small “c” and not« false Christs” with capital “C”.

12. Now in Revelation 1:4, it is question of« Spirits » with capital “S” because it is the Holy Spirit in seven dispensations but Louis Segond writes it with small “s”.

13. There is withdrawal of « firstborn son » in Matthew 1: 25 to say that Mary did not have other children after the Lord Jesus-Christ. It is on purpose that they did all these things for doctrinal reasons.

14. The small letters in christ and in the lordJesus especially in the New Testament … is in line with the Greek language which does not allow capital letters except when the word takes the sense of a proper noun.

15. In Matthew 4:10 … do homage is the literal translation of the Greek wordproskïneo.

16. In Revelation 1:20, it is question of seven lamps, that is to say, a candlestick and not seven candlesticks which give forty-nine lamps; the same for Revelation 11:4.

17. In John 17:11: it is « I come to Thee » and not « I go to Thee » for the Father is in Him; likewise in verse 12, it is question of « Thy name which Thou hast given Me ».

18. In Daniel 5:25, Louis Segond does not mention the writing that was written on the wall, that is to say: « Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin! ». Keep in mind that: Upharsin is the plural of Pérès.

19. In Daniel 9:25-27, there is a confusion in the translation on « the 70 weeks of Daniel » like Micah 1:10-15 that Louis Segond had trouble translating. Darby says in Micah 1:10: » … at Beth-le-aphrah roll thyself in the dust. » Louis Segond says: « …I roll in the dust at Beth-Leaphra. » You see? It is different! One says: “… roll thyself in the dust” and this one says: “…I roll myself in the dust…”.

20. In Matthew 24: 28, it is question of « eagles » and not « vultures ». It’s also worth specifying that the Louis Segond versions do not have the same content … The translator not being able to understand all the languages of the earth, a man with the Spirit of God should translate for example Darby into Portuguese and Spanish, … for the most important [thing] is that it should be done in the language of the messenger and by the grace of God, it is done. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”] 


Auteur : Tchere Kouame

Jésus-Christ est le Dieu Tout-Puissant et Kacou Philippe est son unique prophète sur la terre en cette génération. #ProphetKacouPhilippe

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