10 That is what makes things difficult but I will do so that the smallest illiterate farmer may know that the devil who used to shake the fetish priest in the village is the same that operates in these churches under the name of Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ no matter the greatness of the miracles. All the geniuses that were in creeks, sacred forests, masks and others are in churches under the name of Holy Spirit. These geniuses used to protect villages, families, cantons, tribes, languages, entered into churches, they continue these same ministries. And people who should in principle be fetish priests, are today in jackets with bibles in hand so that the harvest has become small and they are the workers who are numerous. But you who have recognized the voice of God and the day of your visitation, keep quiet! I tell you, thus saith the Lord, God will swallow them all up! This is the Gospel, the glad tidings of the Kingdom for our generation! 


Auteur : Tchere Kouame

Jésus-Christ est le Dieu Tout-Puissant et Kacou Philippe est son unique prophète sur la terre en cette génération. #ProphetKacouPhilippe

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