If a prophet tells me:  « Brother Philippe, halleluiah! I questioned the Lord on such a mystery and He revealed it to me in a glorious vision! », I will not quickly believe in that revelation. A prophet must respect the sovereignty of God. It is God who has to choose the time, the circumstance and the person to whom He needs to reveal a mystery still hidden to humanity. The prophet must only sanctify himself and wait simply.

For example, on August 31, I was simply cleaning my mobile phone and without thinking about it, I felt the Spirit coming down very slightly upon me… that was repeated two or three times, I no more felt anything, then fifteen to thirty minutes later, I know what I did not know an hour ago. And when that happens, I am always alone and many days before that, I am in a good disposition of man, that is to say that I do not go near my wife.

10 In exodus 19, as God was to come down on the mountain, the Jews should not go near their own wives. And when the Jews had to pass across the Jordan with Joshua, they did not go near their own wives. And when David and his group were to eat the showbread in their escape, they should not go near their own wives. And a son of god knows that.

11 But look at the sons of the devil. A son of the devil can lie with his wife on Saturday night and go to church on the Sunday morning, praise and sing and preach, and the anointing of the holy spirit comes upon him. What is it? It is a diabolical anointing. It is a spirit of demon and their Jesus are demons. I say it to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ in the virtue of the vision that I received on April 24, 1993.

12 These Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches are of the devil. Leave these places! Run away from hell! If you are sons of God, your place is not there. God gave us genitals and authorized us to reproduce by sex, but know that that was not in the perfect will of God. And over these three years when this Message is being delivered, it has been so; so much so that I spent twelve entire and consecutive months without going near my own wife.

13 Well, what happened then? Who was therefore of devil in Noah’s Ark? We are approaching it little by little… In the Heaven, there are the angels that do not progress. They are either of God, or of the devil. That is why our spirit has only one sense which is: either faith which is of God, or incredulity or doubt which is of the devil; whereas the body has five senses: taste, touching, sight, smelling and hearing. And the soul has also five senses: imagination, reason, feeling, conscience and memory. But as for the [S]pirit, It is of God and It has faith or it is of the devil and it does not believe what God does. 

14 But on the earth, there were sons of the devil before the flood and if there are some after that, then the chain was not broken and that is it. I am talking about the carnal chain.

15 And here is thus the revelation on this subject: In the Garden of Eden, there were two seeds that came out of Eve: Seth to replace Abel and Cain, themselves respectively descendants of Adam and the serpent. Adam is the pure seed and the serpent is the impure seed. Eve is a pure seed as well. Thus, all the children of Adam and Eve were pure seeds, therefore of God. But any cross of pure and impure seeds is a hybrid seed… But the hybrid seed has thousands of pure and impure seeds in his loins. If the seed coming from the woman is pure and that coming from the man is pure, that will give a son of God; but impure and impure gives a son of the devil then pure and impure gives impure thus a son of the devil.


Auteur : Tchere Kouame

Jésus-Christ est le Dieu Tout-Puissant et Kacou Philippe est son unique prophète sur la terre en cette génération. #ProphetKacouPhilippe

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