Well. Let’s come to the comparison. In Isaiah 35:8-9, it is the way that is holy and not the road. In Judges 17:1-5, it is question of gods, that is to say idols, and not the Almighty God. Read up to Judges 18:23-24 where Louis Segond acknowledges that it is question of « gods » that is to say idols. In Exodus 32:4, Louis Segond acknowledges that a golden calf is a god and in 1 Kings 12:28, Louis Segond writes « God » with “G” in capital letter while it is question of golden calves.

9. In Ezekiel 2:1; Ezekiel 3:1 and in Ezekiel 4:1… It is question of « son of man », that is to say Prophet not « The son of man » which refers to Jesus Christ, the Supreme Prophet as in Matthew 16:13. Also, in Ezekiel 3:12 and 14 as in Revelation 14:13, it is question of the Spirit of God and therefore capital « S » like in Ezekiel 8:3.

10. I continue. In Genesis 1:2; in 1 Samuel 16:4; in Isaiah 61:1 … The letter « S » must be in capital letter when it is question of the Almighty God. Yet, the real reason why Louis Segond writes « the [s]pirit » of God with small « s » is that, for him, there is a good spirit of God and an evil spirit of God. I do not believe in that doctrine. And that is revealed in 1 Samuel 18:10. Louis Segond says: « … the evil spirit of God came upon Saul. » while Darby says: « … an evil spirit from Jehovah was upon Saul. ». Louis Segond says: “the evil spirit of God…” whereas Darby says: “an evil spirit from God…”. It is not the same thing. It is the same with 1 Samuel 19:9.
11. In Matthew 24:24, « C » of false christs must be in small letter because it is not the true Holy Spirit but spirits of divination that would act as holy spirit. So, it must be written « false christs » with small “c” and not« false Christs” with capital “C”.

12. Now in Revelation 1:4, it is question of« Spirits » with capital “S” because it is the Holy Spirit in seven dispensations but Louis Segond writes it with small “s”.

13. There is withdrawal of « firstborn son » in Matthew 1: 25 to say that Mary did not have other children after the Lord Jesus-Christ. It is on purpose that they did all these things for doctrinal reasons.

14. The small letters in christ and in the lordJesus especially in the New Testament … is in line with the Greek language which does not allow capital letters except when the word takes the sense of a proper noun.

15. In Matthew 4:10 … do homage is the literal translation of the Greek wordproskïneo.

16. In Revelation 1:20, it is question of seven lamps, that is to say, a candlestick and not seven candlesticks which give forty-nine lamps; the same for Revelation 11:4.

17. In John 17:11: it is « I come to Thee » and not « I go to Thee » for the Father is in Him; likewise in verse 12, it is question of « Thy name which Thou hast given Me ».

18. In Daniel 5:25, Louis Segond does not mention the writing that was written on the wall, that is to say: « Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin! ». Keep in mind that: Upharsin is the plural of Pérès.

19. In Daniel 9:25-27, there is a confusion in the translation on « the 70 weeks of Daniel » like Micah 1:10-15 that Louis Segond had trouble translating. Darby says in Micah 1:10: » … at Beth-le-aphrah roll thyself in the dust. » Louis Segond says: « …I roll in the dust at Beth-Leaphra. » You see? It is different! One says: “… roll thyself in the dust” and this one says: “…I roll myself in the dust…”.

20. In Matthew 24: 28, it is question of « eagles » and not « vultures ». It’s also worth specifying that the Louis Segond versions do not have the same content … The translator not being able to understand all the languages of the earth, a man with the Spirit of God should translate for example Darby into Portuguese and Spanish, … for the most important [thing] is that it should be done in the language of the messenger and by the grace of God, it is done. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”] 



After Israel with living prophets, God turned to the nations with living prophets: St Paul (Asia). Wyclef, Calvin, Huss, Luther, Wesley, … (Europe). William Branham (America) and Kacou Philippe (Africa). And elected officials believe in all the nations of the earth: Tanzania, Namibia, Colombia, Kenya, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, …

1. Like the prophets of the Bible, in April 1993, I, Kacou Philippe, a man who had never been in a church, I receive in a vision, the visitation of an Angel who commissions me for a Message destined to the whole earth in fulfillment of Matthew 25:6 and Revelation 12:14. This is the account of my conversion, as well as the three great visions of the call and commission as I received them:

2. I came to conversion on April 24, 1993 according to Daniel 10:4 to 11 by a vision in which I saw myself standing on the sand of the sea and then on top of a high pyramid and then again on the sand of the sea in another place and I saw an old military truck coming out of the depths of the sea and leave behind me. I turned and I saw that it contained living people. They were women and one of them was mixed-race.

3. Then two doves came toward me and went back over the waters. And there was an eclipse, then a man having the appearance of a Cloud and holding a sword came down from Heaven with a Lamb and the earth was illuminated again. They stood on the waters and the Lamb began to speak to me in an unknown tongue. The sound of his voice came into me and I fell dead. My soul went to stand on the waters with them while my body was lying on the sand of the sea. When He had finished speaking to me, my soul came into me and I became alive again but I no longer saw Them.
4. Then a crowd of people came toward me from the right side and I asked them if they had seen the Angel and the Lamb. They said, « No! » And I said: “But, how did you not see the Angel and the Lamb and all the things They have done?” They replied, « We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the Words the Lamb pronounced, but we entirely believe It because what God gave and that the devil took, has now been restituted to you « . I looked up and I saw a ladder set up between the sky and the earth, above the waters and angels ascended and descended. And the vision ended and I felt what I know today to be the Holy Spirit and I wept and I believed in God on the spot.

5. The following day at around 3 p.m. while I was sitting with my family, I was transported again in vision into a totally desert country and I saw eastward Words that were coming down from Heaven carried on Clouds. It was after these two visions that I got up and went to church for the very first time.

6. In a third vision, we were sitting in an examination room for the Advanced level test and the examiner was distributing the test-papers. I said to myself, « But what am I doing here? I do not have a good school level and upper sixth forms and what am I going to write?” And later, It was said to me: “The same way that Mary conceived miraculously, without knowing any man, the same way that Moses received in details what happened at the creation, you too, you have received the Words of eternal Life on this April 24, 1993 and it is decreed by God. At the appointed time, you will understand and you will teach what you did not learn in order that whoever believes has eternal Life”.